GET WELL SOON an Art event for a cause


Get Well Soon, an Art event for a cause

Gallery Mcube is hosting an Art exhibition to support “Get Well Soon project”, the project started right after the devastated earthquake of April 25. The project is about healing quake affected children through Art. It has a mission to reach 2072 affected children in different affected area in and out of the Kathmandu valley. To support this project, the Gallery is organizing a week long Art exhibition entitled “GET WELL SOON an Art event for a cause” starting from Aug. 7, Friday. The exhibition includes Paintings, Performance Art of some leading Artists of Nepal, Art movies, documentary screening and interactive sessions.

“Children are medicine to bring hope for life to the injured ones; we teach them to create GET WELL SOON cards as a gift to injured, traumatized and anxious people from earthquake to relief their pain. Our Participants are the kids and teenagers.” says Manish Lal Shrestha, visual artist and the executive director of Gallery Mcube, “We motivate them to be a part of the healing process. GET WELL SOON project is making them strong to contribute in spreading love and light.”

The exhibition will be starting with three performances by four promising young artists of Nepal namely Sabita Dangol, Sundar Lama, Anil Subba and Ritesh Maharjan, on Friday at 5 pm onwards. It will followed by screening of Art movie, Art documentary, videos of performances and performances by one of the leading performance artists of Nepal, Saurganga Darshandhari and Prithvi Shrestha, following days.


There will be screening of performance videos every day from 11 am to 5 pm and the main event of the day will start at 5 pm. Tickets are available at the door. The amount collected from the tickets will support the Get Well Soon project to reach more children.


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