THE SPEED OF THE CONTEMPORARY for earthquake victims

THE SPEED OF THE CONTEMPORARY for earthquake victims

The global era is the era of the machine, the revolution and the speed. The recent earthquake has been the loud cry of Mother Nature as a result of the abuse of its resources. This exhibition aims to serve as a platform of reflection though a series of art works whose point of connection is the representation of the speed from different angles, depicting both the nostalgia for the past and the madness that involves our current life.

Curated by: Andrea de la Rubia

Featuring Artists

Shashi Bikram Shah
Shashi Kala Tiwari
K.K. Karmacharya
Birendra Pratap Singh
Kiran Manandhar
Gopal Kalapremi Shrestha
Manish Lal Shrestha
Saurganga Darshandhari
Sagar Manandhar
Anil Subba
Ritesh Maharjan

10301937_979258172092580_1624601618870096506_n 10398033_979258028759261_9045386658643176989_n 10398103_979258155425915_3208008526827998557_n 10406438_979257988759265_328764831531997389_n 10409236_979257955425935_6380031974670753671_n 11010548_979258195425911_1437308094862763979_n 11101957_979258135425917_5110139138889582561_n 11111226_979258085425922_8338861921841835260_n 11113243_979258042092593_2048212876855183921_n 11146621_979258108759253_7662604743609259304_n 11266591_979258208759243_6467905368906221474_n 11266654_979257972092600_6680306747984110775_n 11329951_979258055425925_7094531427654266628_n 11329951_979258228759241_7078049550501399646_n 11330043_979257942092603_3869717421360818163_n 11377194_979258012092596_502473309547568068_n


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