Some Glimpses of OPEN HOUSE EXHIBITION / AIR_MCUBE third season

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AIR_MCUBE Artist in Residence

AIR_MCUBE is Artist in Residence program host by Gallery Mcube. The residency is divided into two programs one is AIR_MCUBE Local and AIR_MCUBE international. AIR_MCUBE local is residency program awarded to local Artist from Nepal whereas AIR_MCUBE international is for international Artists who has potential in working in various Visual art practices like painting, printing, sculpture, installation, performance art, multi-media etc, it is also for curators, designers, writers, media artists, sound artists and composers. Artist in Residency Mcube is completely self-organized and suitable for self-directed projects. Through open call we invite artists to apply and select on the basis of merit.

Gallery Mcube is keen in building up community through Art. Since the contemporary visual art practice has unlimited possibilities in our society we still are undergoing with turbulences and left out. To get rid of all these hardship, Gallery Mcube is initiating to create a space for Local and international Artist communities to create, share and collaborate. Now it is time for Artists to lead the world, to build up aware communities, to create feeling of responsibility and act upon. But the opportunities for the Artists are very limited in Nepal specifically concentrated only in the Kathmandu valley; the residency project could be the really valuable space and opportunity for the upcoming generation. Mcube is also looking forward to expand its horizon to other cities in Nepal.

However, Nepal has its own problems in every part of lives socially, politically and economically, still struggling for basic physical needs, Mcube is still trying to contribute socio-political upbringing through art. In such difficulties even for the normal human being here in Nepal, we the artists are still having more problems than other with less opportunities for younger generation.

25th January- 8th March 2015

Artist of AIR_MCUBE Third Season local are Anil Subba, Visual Artist and Ritesh Maharjan, Sound Artist

 About Resident Artists

Anil Subba is multi-disciplinary visual artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He did BFA from Lalitkala Campus in 2004 and MFA from Central Department of Fine Arts, Tribhuvan University, Kritipur in 2012.  He works predominantly in the medium of painting but also include video, photography, installation and performance as for my expression. He mostly works on his individual projects so his themes are always concerned with his thought process, individual expression of experiences and of human realm. Previously he paints on canvases with self expressive techniques of splashes and flows, textural contemplation of contradictory elements and experimental attributes with different elements of human mentality. He received National Fine Art award in 2013.

Ritesh Maharjan is sound artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He did Master from Kathmandu University Music Department. He is majorly doing experimental and improvisational music. He did background music score for theatre play and art performance. His expresses through the form of sound into total abstractness. In addition, he did search on cultural transformation on the base of ethnomusicology.

The series of Art performances were held at AIR_MCUBE Artists in Residence local Program. During six weeks of program, the five performances are briefly discussed below:


8th Feb. 2015

The “Untitled” performance is performed by Anil Subba. The performance runs about 4 minutes with sound arranged by Ritesh Maharjan. It was performed behind the white curtain creating translucent appearance of human body at the viewers. As the artist Anil Subba, represents white color (of curtain) as color of new beginning with free sense which opens the way to anything by the mind. It was reflective and awakening performance which convey to purifying thought and emotion, strengthen entire energy. During the performance sound is portrayed with visual interpretation. As the concept of performance, the sounds present the inner vibration with inner soul of sound, the harmonics. The amplified sound is collaborated with silence and the abstractness.


Performance I (Untitled)

The visible reality of beingness, behind the curtain of white and pure beliefs was the thematic ideology of the artist. As a human, inside, my soul tries to escape, where the white layers of perception holds me inside. The white could have a dimensional interpretation, putting it in a vessel of different cultural and traditional beliefs. However, it is the beginning and it is the end of everything else. The struggle as for the being and as for the liberal way of living our life, express to get out and explore the unexplored corners of mind and soul as it is.

Disappearance and silence creates a connection in between, which are truly important as for the continuity, like a tiny pauses in every inhaling and exhaling breaths of living.

The silence or the break is just as a moment to see beyond and to take a pause to rest the mind, which I believe, is the important consequences as of living. After all, it is the expression of my individual emotion layered within and wants to speak its words in a gestural motion of human reality. However, I always enjoy the metaphorical dimensions or different perceptions and the perspectives in my works and let viewers to travel themselves and to reach the point, where they can relate themselves and could stay inside or out.

Day I and Day II were began with the presentation of the artists on residence. Along with the presentation by Anil Subba, the sound artist performs the sound experimentation, interacting with the viewers. The concepts on sound work is totally based on abstraction as, by naturally sound is abstract form of Art.

The experiment was about to get in through the abstraction with flow of dynamics played through Sitar and plain free beats of the percussion. The drops of gasses carry the viewer to the consciousness, by which portray the running sub consciousness of the viewers as the performer with the ankle bells tied on their feet.

It is non- conclusive sound experiment since, it was carried out for displaying the sub consciousness of state and interactions with activating with suddenness, therefore, the glasses are dropped.

On general outline of sound, it is collaborated with smoothness and harshness. It is too the “Untitled” experiment to the abstraction.


1st March. 2015

Under the grains of the rain, the performance begins. The artist presents the belongings as the soul presents physically whom he kisses the beloved.


Kisses for my belongings…

A body, the house of soul, conveys every lines and textures of our being. Experiences and understandings create collage of imageries and words. Adhesively, that belonging sticks around, as layers and layers, to remain, to linger and to stay. Body as a body, a physical being of the soul, it carries and holds the sounds of essence.

And now myself as a soul, I throb, to those memories. And I want to clarify myself reviewing. Where, I pull off the belongings, the imageries and the words. Then gather some stones of strength and walk through the crowds. Being in a state of clarifying, I climb the stairs, where the dust of awareness laid.

And again, there I appear but the appearance creates a different perspective. From there I can see those belongings. I read, I recall, I see and I hurl, with my stones of strength. After all, there would be no more strength to hurl. Then, there I just gaze and as soul, I paint my lips in red. Where, it likes to kiss the belonging and the crowds.
Presentation Day II


22nd Feb. 2015

“Paper plane and the frogs”

Paper Plane, it denotes some kind of free… which flies as it was made. The frogs hop. It is metaphorical collaborative performance of the human feeling. The performance is personally interpreted by the artists with relying on the theme line of serial, in to abstractness.

During performance, the thoughts, metaphorically jute rope ties him which drops the words on the pages. They are scattered here and there. The words on papers swell up which are scattered on the water spilled on the land. With the lapses the performer he himself frees with untying the ropes with blade and dries up the wet pages on the open air. After a moment, he frees them.

The performance runs about two hours long with drone of bowing sound, resonances, dissonances, Noise and feedbacks, surroundings and silence. The flow of performance was beautifully performed in open roof with ambience of the setting sun.

Kisses for my belongings III

DAY V                                                                                           

7th March.2015


The open roof performance of subsequences is interpreted by the pink character with/ of her room. The character presented in personalized with personal time of her day.  The performance is based on the total visual arrangements with activities of the pink. Who is pink?

With the performance, the video Art is screened and the residential works are exhibited, along with sound installation.



Utter and blutter

That should be as rhyme.

Rendering on the path towards the plenty idealness.

Butter and crabs

As longer it goes through,

It uttered and raped again.

Dear dearness,

I could see “The”, an only.

Blutter, flutter, glitter.

And much more closer to


The day crosses across.
Special Thanks

Ram Maharjan, Rabin Kaji Shakya, Srijan Suwal, Ashish Maharjan, Poonam Acharya, Pabitra dd, Ishan Pariyar, Maheshwor Kaji, Anil Pokhrel, Bhufan Limbu.


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